That one time Wiz didn’t rap about weed

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3 min readFeb 14, 2018

Ink My Whole Body — Wiz Khalifa (Star Power)

You know Wiz Khalifa as the guy with purple dreds who had a kid with Amber Rose and raps about smoking weed. If that’s all you know, then you’re not that far off. Let’s throw in a quick little side Jeezy revealed the other day on Viceland’s Desus & Mero (#1 show on late night you ball bags 😉).

Jeezy was talking about one of the first times he met Wiz while Wiz was touring. He says he always heard Wiz talk about carrying a pound of weed wherever he went but never believed that to be true. A pound of weed?!?! Come on, that’s like carrying around two bookbags full of nothing but weed. No matter who you are, if you’re going around in public with that much weed someone is going to notice. Even Jeezy, who isn’t one to shy away from moving weight (he is the Snowman after all), was skeptical about these claims.

As the story goes, Jeezy walked into the dressing room before the show and witnessed something he never thought he’d see at a concert. A pound of fucking weed. Bongs, pipes, blunts and J’s being rolled everywhere (correction: no blunts, Wiz doesn’t smoke those anymore, remember?). Within 5 minutes of being in the room, Jeezy was making sure he had an escape plan in case things went south in a hurry. That’s the Snowman for ya, always prepared.

Again, you’re probably not surprised. This is what Wiz is about. But the reason I love the song “Ink My Whole Body” so much is because it’s from a much simpler time. A time before Wiz Khalifa was known to the country as the ultimate stoner.

Before he had one of the most viewed music videos in YouTube history.

Before we got the Rolling Papers album.

Before the entire nation and your high school principal was screaming BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW.

Before all this, fans of mixtape Wiz were treated to Star Power, Flight School, Cabin Fever, and Kush & OJ. A young kid from the ‘Burgh trying to make it with his friends. Meanwhile, my friends and I were on the lookout for the next Wiz mixtape we could download and bump in the car during those beautiful Puerto Rican summer days (when it’s not raining because it’s always fucking raining).

Why is this important? (From my point of view) There seem to be two types of Wiz Khalifa fans: pre-album mixtape lovers, and post-mixtape album lovers. The original fans weren’t too happy to see his sound change, and the mixtape naysayers were glad he finally made something they enjoyed.

Whatever side you land on, just remember, Mac Miller and Wiz went to the same high school and Mac used to sell weed to Wiz.



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