I’m naming one of my kids “Chance”

Shoutout to the teenagers that have been threatening to beat up Donald Glover if he doesn’t put out a collab album with Chance.

My Favorite Song — Chance the Rapper feat. Childish Gambino (Acid Rap)

I was a senior in college when I found out our Spring Fling performer came down to a choice between Chance the Rapper or Childish Gambino. I immediately jumped on the Childish bandwagon because I’d never listened to Chance.

Others said I was crazy and encouraged me to download Acid Rap. Listening to Acid Rap would end up becoming one of the most significant revelations of my life.

I fell in love with this kid from Chicago who was only a few years younger than me and rapped in a way that brought the biggest smile to my face (not that it’s hard to bring a smile to my face).

From the moment he starts spitting you can tell that this guy is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. This song is unique, uplifting, and entertaining.

The beat and flow are everything I want from a song. It made me feel relaxed yet excited, upbeat but mellow.

It’s intelligent but simple enough not to take too seriously. Here are a couple of my favorite lines that hit the sweet spot in my brain where they will remain forever.

Shake that Laffy Taffy, jolly raunchy rapper
Bang, bang, bang — skeet, skeet, skeet
She do that thing for three retweets

Chance just called out every girl who puts themselves out there pretending to be something they’re not just for recognition on social media. And you thought he just rapped about drugs.

You blast that shit in Abercrombie when your work is finished

Childish just hit that memory nerve from when I was bored as hell working a 9–5 during the summer and had to sweep the shop before closing up for the day.

Your mom won’t play it in the car ’cause it got curses in it

Been there, lived through that. (Love you, Mom!)

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