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2 min readMar 1, 2018


RIP Mac Dre do it for the Bay

Something You Should Know — Mac Dre (Al Boo Boo)

If you’ve read my previous posts then you know I stumbled upon Mac Dre by accident. What a glorious accident it was. Surprisingly, I never actually ran into any mentions of Mac Dre in the rap forums I used to scour every day after school during my never-ending quest for hip-hop consumption.

I learned about guys like Apathy, Yukmouth, Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill, R.A. the Rugged Man, and even Dizzee Rascal. But, alas, no Mac Dre. Itunes came in clutch having those albums available.

Anyway, the only way I could decide what Mac Dre album to soak up next was to pick my favorite cover art. Do yourself a favor and check out all his cover art because they’re hilarious and original. I saw the cute baby on the artwork for “Al Boo Boo” and was hooked on the spot.

This song is great to vibe out to for several reasons: It doesn’t have any deep meaning, it’s not a club banger, and it’s not too lyrically complex to understand. Mac Dre isn’t even the driving force behind the story.

A girl calls Mac Dre and invites him out on a date. Talk about a real Mac. The beat is fun, he’s got some witty lyrics, and he has a good point.

When you’re so good at something that it becomes your job, you can’t do it for free anymore.

Mac is a pimp. He’s got hos.

He just can’t afford to have sexual intercourse with someone unless there is some monetary gain for him in the long run. If this line doesn’t convince you Mac is a pimp I don’t know what will.

Called the punk b*tch back, “What’s up, Alice?”

She got the maddest, said, “My name’s not Alice.”

“Alright, ALICE, pick me up from my palace..”

That’s a pretty crappy way to talk to a person, but it’s also hilariously gangster as well as zero fucks are given on behalf of Mac Dre. All you need to do now is go listen to some Mac yourself. There’s a reason people are still investing so much money in his brand even long after his death.

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